CKUW Student Powered Radio

CKUW and the UWSA are proud to present the 5th Annual Student Radio Marathon on Thursday, November 10.

Since 2012, CKUW 95.9 FM has partnered with the UWSA to host the Student Radio Marathon.  This is a day reserved strictly for students to access the airwaves.

The Student Radio Marathon:

  • Provides a platform for students to share information/music with our listening audience;
  • Empowers students to make their own media and contribute their voice to the public discourse;
  • Helps develop literacy, research and presentation skills;
  • Is lots of fun!

Sign up for the marathon here!


Ideas on How to Participate

Student Groups:

  • Promote your student group’s activity or upcoming event
  • Conduct interview(s) on topics related to your group’s activities
  • Play a DJ set of music that reflects your group


  • DJ – play your favorite underground, local, outside the mainstream music
  • Interview your mentor/ professor / someone you find interesting
  • Present information on your field of study / thesis


How much time will I / we get?

This depends on what you want to present on air and how many students we have participating. Time slots are broken down into 30 minute blocks and you can book up to 2 hours worth of blocks.

What you need to consider:  Preparation time for music show is 1:1.  Prep time for spoken word is 2:1.


For all questions, please contact Victoria at 204-786-9782

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University of Winnipeg
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