Student Support Program

The Student Support Program is intended to provide resources to students that are in need of short-term assistance. It is a pool of resources for students with immediate or emergency needs. These resources include Health Plan bursaries, food and grocery support, and transportation.

Student Support Program Application

  • Student Information

    By providing the below information, we can work toward better supporting students by tailoring our services and finding out what students need the most at our campus.
  • The Student Support Program is designed to help students in emergency or crisis situations. In order to be accessible to all students, you can request access to the Student Support Program up to three times per school year.
    NOTE: Health Plan Bursaries must be applied for separately. The application form can be found at


If you submit this form and do not hear from us within 2 working days, please contact Tiffani Sawatzky, Social Sustainability Coordinator, or 204-786-9992

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